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Smart City Energy Master Plan Services



Smart City Energy Master Plan is a service that combines the design and mapping of all the city's infrastructures [including everything that is related to energy], along with the implementation through a Governance platform.



We provide infrastructures' mapping and defining include urban lighting, public buildings' utilities, renewable energy sources, electric vehicle etc.



It enables the city's administration to collect data for energy management, monitoring and billing purposes from Smart City infrastructure, sensors, meters and other energy sources and react to critical incidents or systems failure in an urban environment. It provides a Governance platform allowing the City management to handle Municipality operational issues and a very flexible big data Decision Making tool. 

We leverage innovative ICT and Green technologies in order to offer a one-stop-shop for Cities' authorities, Industrial Parks, ESCOs, Large hospitals and Hotels for Energy Management solutions, an integrated tool to provide extensive knowledge of the current situation, increase energy efficiency, make infrastructure manageable and reliable, introduce systems' monitoring, cut emissions, and improve energy and infrastructure efficiency.

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